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„"What attracted people to her was a sense of joy. She was very warm. She was full of life. She was infectious, enthusiastic, and excited about everything.

Eres el adiós que jamás sabré decir

Eres el adios que jamas sabre decir

Lo lamento

Se lo que soy.

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Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, brilliant writer, says here that we must do things even if feel as if dying of fear because otherwise we will regret the things we didn't do. Most people regret on their death beds the things they didn't do.

Reglas del Exito,segun Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs fundador y ex Ceo de Apple

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Literal! Jajajaja

Literal! Jajajaja

Te pienso pero no te necesito...

Me conformo con eso😟

Eso está bien.

Eso está bien.

Maritere Lee

Maritere Lee

“I decided to play with makeup today, and realized fake eyelashes are really annoying? ( p.s. my eyebrows don't look the same because of the shadow lol )”

fc: thalia bree ] "hi!" i giggle. uhm, i shall love photography, coffee and cuddles!

El amor en los tiempos de colera...

El amor en los tiempos de colera...

Si te levantas con el pie izquierdo

Inténtalo una y otra vez* by lucinda