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an image of a calendar with colors on it
toddler “busy bag” swap!
learning to distinguish shades is one of the primary lessons in Montessori philosophy. Not only does it teach but it is so simple and so pretty!
an image of pin the tail on the bunny game with text overlaying that reads pin the tail on the bunny
Pin the Tail on the Bunny - From ABCs to ACTs
Forget the donkey! We're playing pin the tail on the bunny! A simple, mess free, and educational Easter game that preschoolers will love!
several pieces of colored paper with clothes pins attached to them
toddler “busy bag” swap!
Toddler Busy Bags Final-16
an advertisement with legos and other toys in baskets on a wooden table next to each other
Making Patterns with Lego and Egg Cartons - The Imagination Tree
This a perfect informal assessment or math centers activity for kindergarteners and other young elementary and pre-k learners. This activity works on the following skills: Math: copying, matching, sorting, making repeat patterns, sequencing, recognising and naming shapes, describing shapes by their properties, problem solving Creativity and design: drawing shapes and patterns Motor Skills: filling and emptying, pincer grasp.
a young child is playing with paints on a tray in front of him and two cups of ice cream
Using play-doh on laminated shape cards, to make the shapes
a blue plastic tray with different colored pencils and markers on it next to a ruler
The Princess and the Tot
Color Matching Game
shape sorting cards #special  needs #education Teaching Shapes, Learning Shapes, Math Classroom, Prek Math
PreK Numbers, Shapes, Colors Review - Confessions of a Homeschooler
shape sorting cards #special needs #education