Quin és més gran?

Playful learning with Lego math games. What a simple and fun way to learn math concepts Mehr zur Mathematik und Lernen allgemein unter zentral-lernen.

Lógica colores palitos con goma eva

Such a festive way to develop visual discrimination skills, pattern matching, logic and reasoning and more. I love how colorful and simple this activity is for the kids.

Aprender cantidades hasta el 10. Puedes añadir o quitar alumnos para experimentar el calculo, la resolución de problemas, la comparación de cantidades...

Oh, that's BRILLIANT. Learning Adventures: Numbers on Ten Frames - make a life size 10 frame.


organisation spatiale - shapes - math - logic - topologie Or we can make a bingo for a bigger kids.

Juego de cantidades

Counting Game-I like the dots on the chart and just the numbers on the clothes pins. Can also do with numbers on chart and number words on clips for DI.

Imitar el modelo con gomets

Free printable pattern reproduction sheets for using stickers or coloring onto blank templates

Actividad para trabajar la conciencia fonológica, el tiburón se comerá aquellos peces que posean el sonido /sílaba/ palabras...

Carrie's Speech Corner: Book of the Week: Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark (updated freebie included!) Catch fish with a straw (suck through the straw) and name what's on the fish! Speech or phonology (letters), words for vocabulary etc.

Caja del huso matemáticas de Montessori juguete por MazaisMeistars

Spindle box, Montessori math, Educational wooden toy, This is an alternative version of the original Monetssori Spindle Box. It is small and perfect for home use where every inch of space counts.

Shapes popsicle sticks... Saw this thought maybe it'd be a good idea for your kids, recognition and fine motor skills! 2in1

Looks fun: A, Bee, C, Preschool: Building Shapes. Kindergarten readiness: Colored craft sticks are labeled with the number of sides each shape has, ie: 3 purple sticks - triangle. The children will choose a color and build the matching colored shape from

Pirates: Threading 'treasure' onto cocktail sticks - fine motor fun from Rachel (",)

There Be Pirates