5 senses

This pin includes a 5 senses book. This goes great with Frog Street curriculum since Itsy Bitsy Spider and 5 senses are taught close together. Make those connections!

Human body Systems foldable

Human body Systems foldable

Hoe zit het in elkaar: lichaam. Human body Systems foldable - have your child color before you cut out. Fold as a paper doll or cut out each and layer, attaching at the top with a staple.

Make a tape ouline of the child where it can stay during the entire unit study (corner of basement floor?). Kids add "innards" as they learn them.

Human Body Science Unit - Life-sized body map looks like a creative anatomy lesson. Looks like long balloons for the intestines.

www.lessontutor.com: Respiratory System

Respiratory System Diagram - IDEA: Students "remix" your image and add their own tags (indivdually or in groups)

Anatomy Art Projects, egg carton pieces and string for a flexible spine.

Make a spinal cord - egg carton, thimble, needle and thread, short round noodles (optional) Cut out egg carton sections. String it together. It shows how the spinal cord is connected but can bend in every direction.

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A poster of the human body and which bones are located in which places. This is a great visual for students to reference if learning about bones in the body!

Manualidad Boca con dientes Collage

Divertida maqueta “Fabricada con cartones de huevos” para enseñar higiene dental a nuestros alumn@s

Worksheets: Circulation Station: Awesome Anatomy

Circulation Station: Awesome Anatomy

Fichas Conocimiento del Medio Cuarto de Primaria

Fichas Conocimiento del Medio Cuarto de Primaria

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