Infografía con trucos para eliminar manchas de la ropa  -  Infographics with tricks to remove stains from clothes

Infografia amb trucs per eliminar taques de la roba - Infographics with tricks to remove stains from clothes

Limpiador para pisos multiproposito - • 1 parte de agua • 1 parte de vinagre • 1 Parte Alcohol isopropílico 2%• Unas gotas de detergente líquido para platos Mezclar todos los ingredientes y vierta en una botella de spray de niebla fina 1.Sweep o aspirar sus pisos primero 2.Spray el limpiador en una niebla fina, a baja altura sobre la superficie a limpiar 3.Allow establecer durante unos minutos, a continuación, utilizar un trapo o una toalla de microfibra para limpiar

Ultimate All-Purpose Cleaner

Homemade Floor (and All-Purpose) Cleaner: 1 cup water 1 cup vinegar 1 cup isopropyl alcohol drops natural dish soap drops essential oil (optional) Fine-mist spray bottle –

I have GOT to do this. #Storage #Curling_Iron_Holder

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 23 Pics

DIY - Curling Iron holder with PVC pipe for the inside of bathroom cabinet, hubs did this for my culring iron and flat iron and I love it!

DIY scarf

no sewing! diy - summer scarf from old shirt. Time to look for some old T shirts, I guess.

Soda Bottle + CD = Flower Planters

DIY Vase using a 2 liter soda bottle, spray paint and a CD! diy crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas diy idea diy home diy vase easy diy for the home crafty decor home ideas diy decorations

Whale Mobile - Nautical Nursery for a boy

For my Nephew! Whale Mobile - Nautical Nursery for a boy Hmmmm. I may have to make this for Olivers nursery!

I'm so glad that I am not the only one obsessed with organization. This whole website has so many great ideas to de-clutter your home.. I'm in heaven! Nobody would see this but you, but still it is amazing. And Justin thought I was crazy for wanting an organized closet nobody would see ... :)

Need this for my cabinet under the sink!* It would make me not dread digging underneath my cabinet for something. - 30 Brilliant Bathroom Organization and Storage DIY house design designs room design

¡Esta es de las mejores artimañas que he visto!

You've been cleaning your oven wrong your entire life. WaterSpray bottleBaking sodaA ragVinegarA small bowl This is how you do it: The oven: Remove the oven racks Mix a couple spoons of baking soda with some water in the bowl. The goal is.