What Can I Do? problem solving wheel

Problem Solving Wheel for Anger Management. Helpful way to provide choices to children.

Treball de vocabulari i emocions: les expressions facials.

I made props similar to this for the Monster party photo booth but with every thing else going on at the party, the booth was forgotten lol

Great family idea. Put on the fridge. Great for when kids get older and their feelings aren't quite as obvious. Helps them say where they are at without "saying" it. I would just make the chart less "elementary" for that age group. We made something similiar in MOPS one year. Going to try it this summer!

Learning and Teaching With Preschoolers: All About Me- Feelings. This could be a great way for the kids to enter the room each morning.

The Autism Tank-  behavior

The Autism Tank: Home Visit Materials I like this chart, but would change the word behavior to choices and good to appropriate and bad to inappropriate or poor.

ESCOLA MISERICÒRDIA: La roda de resolució de conflictes

The problem solving wheel provides the child with a method of self-regulating their emotions. The problem solving wheel has a variety of options that the child can choose in order to self-regulate and cope from a task, activity, or difficult situation.

CARTELLS CONTE TORTUGA (control de les emocions)

Fear is a common issue that kids deal with but God has a lot to say about fear. Use these 10 Object Lessons About Overcoming Fear and tackle this troubling spirit head on! Each lesson comes with a supply list, prep and teaching tips.

This is How I Feel Today. Child clips a clothes pin onto the feeling they are experiencing.

On any given day parents might be faced with temper tantrums, angry stumping, door slamming, or the silent treatment (typical among teenagers). Helping children appropriately manage and express th.