50+ Frases en inglés para que te luzcas en cualquier conversación

50+ Frases en inglés para que te luzcas en cualquier conversación

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Inglés es un idioma difícil! Usted puede aprender Inglés mediante Pronunciator en la web de la biblioteca.

A Blogger's Refresher Course In English Grammar [4 Infographics

Educational infographic & data visualisation Commonly Confused Adjectives with Explanations.uniquelanguag… Infographic Description Commonly Confused Adjectives with Explanations.

Phrasal verbs with GET - #phrasal #verb, #english

GET - phrasal verb study material

Este gráfico muestra las formas de hablar sobre el tiempo en español. ¡Es muy útil!

worksheet packet on Spanish time, seasons, days, months, and weather -- FREE

English tenses illustration: past, present, future (simple, progressive, perfect) ✿ English Language / Learning English / Easy English / English speaking skills / English vocabulary / Language Learning ✿  Repin for later!

For ELL students adults and kids English tenses illustration: past, present, future (simple, progressive, perfect)

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Learn English on

English Grammar Guide to the Future Tense and the difference between Will and Going To - El Futuro en Inglés

Formal letter : how to write it www.anglais-in-france.fr

Formal letter to the editor topics for persuasive essays Letter to the Editor Dear Editor, I’m writing to you about the Teacher-Who-Made-a-Difference contest.

Words + Prepositions                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Words + Prepositions "Accuse of"? I was accused of speeding. I accuse you of stealing. They will be accused of murder.

do vs make                                                                                                                                                                                 Más


DO vs MAKE: appropriate pairings in Spoken American English. Use for ESL students, Deaf, Interpreters etc

verb tenses with timelines; Tense, aspect, and mood (e.g. infinitive, imperative, interrogative, subjunctive, etc.) are often grouped together under the acronym TAM because they’re interrelated in many languages.

English grammar - verb tenses timelines Teaching English verbs with timelines

Need some help to get your students writing better? Here are some fantastic tips and activities from the LearnEnglish Teens – British Council site Also check a for and against essay http://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/skills/writing-skills-practice/and-against-essay

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Hello everybody; Antes de entrar en materia hay que explicar de modo general que consideramos un ESSAY: Se trata de un escrito mediante el cual una persona escribe sobre un tema concreto expresando su opinión, llegando a conclusiones generales de modo subjetivo; aunque deberíamos dar prueba de ello, o bien ejemplos. Para el cual podemos...

Tips for writing powerpoint presentations. Aquire useful techniques for effective writing and learn skills that apply to all forms of writing. Writing PowerPoint Presentation Content slides includes t

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What matters most to you and why example essays Stanford’s MBA essay question ‘What matters most to you, and why?’ can be challenging, but utilizing these tips will help your essay stand out.

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Topics for essays for english composition 1 and 2 English Composition II is a course designed to, to understand the research topic. Compose essays that incorporate research and. 1 in-class essay.