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Swoonworthy little white dress. Love the lace but what would I wear it for? Just around town the week before wedding to look virginal? hmmmmmm Just wear it. This one is sizzling sexy


The Classic Crystal and Petal Mini Hair Bandeau- Lucy

Madame Grès ,Evening dress, ca. 1965

Madame Grès ,Evening dress, ca. 1965 ---- the phrase "wedding dress" almost never passes through my head, but in this case.

Perfect fall work outfit.

Love the dress and shoes! Classic and understated, but sexy Plus I have those shoes! :) now I just need a classic black dress

I'd love to see this in a coral color!

Maiko in Kyoto, Japan Fashion Perfect lace dress for a rehearsal dinner! I would love to wear an ivory lace dress - a wedding is for as much.

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Hair or Headpiece, what comes first? Wedding experts say let your first decision, the hair style or the head piece you can't live without lead the way. This will guarantee the two blend beautifully.