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an image of two angels with the words alma de cristoa written in spanish
San Ignacio de Loyola
an image of a nun in spanish
Amor y respeto a la madre de Dios.
an angel holding a staff in front of a painting with the words, arcanel raf
Arcángel Rafael
an image of the virgin mary with pink roses in her hand and stars above it
an image of the virgin mary with doves in her hands and birds flying around
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the image of jesus holding his hands up with light coming from him in front of him
Divine Mercy Meditation: [St. Faustina was tempted repeatedly by Satan against her vocation of proclaiming God's mercy and praying for mercy for souls, especially sinners (see Diary, 1496-1499):] At that moment, I saw Jesus, who said, I am pleased with what you are doing. And you can continue to be at peace if you always do the best you can in respect to this work of mercy. Be absolutely as frank as possible with your confessor. Satan gained nothing by tempting you,...
El mío sería Jikatushikikutaka... ¿y el tuyo? Origami, Humour, Mei, Japanese Language, Japanese Words, Humor, Japanese, Idioms, Meme
¿te propongo un juego?
El mío sería Jikatushikikutaka... ¿y el tuyo?
a statue of the virgin mary in pink and blue
Our Lady "Queen of Peace" of Medjugorje. Revelation 12:1 "And a great sign…
the virgin mary and baby is holding a lamb
Mary and Baby Jesus
a painting of the virgin mary holding her hands out in front of a snowy landscape
Defender of the phenomenon of Mother Mary in Medjugorje
an image of the virgin mary holding her hands up in front of the ocean at sunset
Immaculate Heart of Mary.
the immaculate mary surrounded by angels
15 agosto: L'Assunzione di Maria al cielo- 15 de Agosto: La Asunción de María al Cielo.
Feast of the Immaculate Conception