baby bow ties.

Dog And Cat Bow Ties + Baby Bib And One Piece Bow Ties

bow tie

"I'm wearing orange pants. I'm devishly handsome and therefore every color under the visible spectrum looks fantastic on me!" said the beautiful man in the orange pants.

Nautical Bow Tie

Wear a bow tie that coordinates with your attire and / or complements your wedding theme. For a nautical wedding, we love the idea of incorporating a bow tie like this ‘Anchors Away’ style by Southern Beaus:

kitten in a bowtie. kitten in a bowtie. kitten in a bowtie!


for the groom: love the navy with the denim and the twine on the flower. groomsmen could have matching navy and brown flannel with pink bowtie.

 i want!!!!

Fox Bow Tie by Anthony Price. i want this fabric so i could make a foxy skirt!