Rainbow Dipped Nail Polish Flowers // #crafts #diy #nailpolish #crafty #Nifty

Rainbow Dipped Nail Polish Flowers // #crafts #diy #nailpolish #crafty #Nifty

Yoga ball. Light cord, string, wallpaper paste, Saran wrap! Easy & beautiful

DIY String Pendant Lamp

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Zucchini, eggplant and carrot tort (Receta de tarta de verduras)

Zucchini, eggplant and carrot tort (Receta de tarta de verduras) in Spanish, I'll have to translate it looks so good!

Ceramic ●

Table Luminaire by Muhammad Moussa (Ceramic Table Lamp

Table Luminaire by Muhammad Moussa. This signature collection of luminaires is made with low fire white clay shade and a solid hard wood base (maple or similar). Light is sculpted and softened by the ceramic shade creating a melange of reflection, shadow

Japanese tea ceremony, Sado 茶道

I've always wanted to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.


How to Wrap Five More Eggs: Traditional Japanese Packaging

Featured in “How to Wrap Five Eggs: Traditional Japanese Packaging” by Hideyuki Oka, published in 1975 (each was featured in an exhibit by the Japan Society on traditional Japanese packaging).


This shows pattern. It is a good picture because it is simple, with a little snow detail. The eye moves through the picture to look at the amount of snow on each section of fence.