Dias da semana em coreano

wow, so similar to Japanese! // In this lesson we will introduce the words for the days of the week in Korean. These words have their roots in the Chinese language and the elements of nature.

Korean Language Lesson - Seasons in Korean

The words for the four seasons in Korean are: Summer: 여름 (yeo-reum), Autumn / Fall: 가을 (ka-eul), Winter 겨울 (kyeo-ul), and finally Spring: 봄 (bom).

Korean numbers infographic

Korean numbers can seem very difficult at first, but once you get the basics of how they work, it's pretty easy.although I still have trouble with the native Korean numbers. These are jus.

alfabeto coreano

The Korean Alphabet System (Hangul is a featural alphabet of 24 consonant and vowel letters)


I need to learn Korean in but I guess a little bit of Spanish is ok too