from-student-to-teacher: Fantastic idea! As an end of the year gift buy students beach-balls, they collect classmates signatures. they have a “ball”! Great idea for next year at the end of the year. They could write other things too.

Students love reading groups and getting to read in fun locations around the classroom. I think this could be a great way to integrate reading, geography, and classroom management.

Stuck for storage or drawer space in September? A simple cereal box and a spot of coloured tape or paper could be the ticket. I love how the children’s photos play a part here – each ph…

Learning about the world and cultures month bulletin board. The Pre-K's (pretend) travel around the world with their suitcases in hand and map tracker of their travels.

Interior Design:Fresh Travel Themed Classroom Decorations Small Home Decoration Ideas Classy Simple Under Room Design Ideas Travel themed Classroom Decorations

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