Heaven possesses the ability to see the future, impacting her life. She was born of time and is changing slowly. Her beauty magnified and her unusual golden eyes are a whisper of the things to come.

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Kurdish girl- I'm in love with her eyes and dark hair! She's gonna be a looker…

Radiating face with eyes shining bright from a full~filled lived Life

There is a sun within every person. - Kaine by Stephanie Yt found through by oblivioncreature

I& not exactly sure what& going on here but it& pretty!

Name: Daniel Age: 19 (as of now) Gender: male Sexuality: Gay Personality: shy, antisocial, can be rude or blunt Status: lives on the streets. Extra: he is British, short, and has a condition called albinism

I saw this movie Flipped today, totally loved it just because of Callan Mcauliffe. He's just do cute, look at that face *swoons*

Beautiful face beautiful eyes I don't approve of the hair. senyahearts: Malaika Firth @ Nathalie Models Photographed by: Jesse Laitinen

“The Wind Blows,” featuring Annemarie Kuus, photographed by Suzanne Rensink for Little Things (June

Glitter and more glitter - Ellis faas. Yes , I could have this much glitter as I won't have any hair💇💇