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Miriam Yeste Gragera

Miriam Yeste Gragera
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Finger Ring of King Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti Period: New Kingdom, Amarna Period Dynasty: Dynasty 18 Reign: reign of Akhenaten Date: ca. Geography: Egypt, Middle Egypt, el-Amarna I love this more than words.

arte decorativo

❤ - Openwork plaque with ram-headed sphinx Period: Neo-Assyrian Date: ca. century B. Geography: Mesopotamia, Nimrud (ancient Kalhu) Culture: Assyrian Medium: Ivory (idea for metal tool pattern)


Statue of Kurlil. Limestone, Early Dynastic period, ca. Found next to the Temple of Ninhursag in Tell al-‘Ubaid, southern Iraq.

cuidades mesopotamia

Ancient History Cities - Babylon was a city-state of ancient Mesopotamia, the remains of which are found in present-day Al Hillah, Babil Province, Iraq,.

La primera Diosa de la tierra era Gordita.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Babylonian Goddess Ashtarte Ishtar Statue 2000 BC (also known by other names in other cultures, such as Eastre, Astarte, Artemis, fertility goddesses. This is the goddess behind Easter celebrations.