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a blue stair case in the middle of a room
RA Projects adds blue steel staircase to Roksanda Ilincic’s home
the stairs are painted blue and yellow
Office S&M uses scale-like tiles and bright colours to update London home
a black and white dog laying on the floor in front of a spiral stair case
Ludivine Degas, Fondatrice de la Maison Poétique, Boutique Déco
a spiral staircase with green railing and handrails
Austin Maynard Architects creates cylindrical holiday house on Australian beach
a room with a table, chair and pictures hanging on the wall above it's railing
Pianoterra: A Restaurant in Conversation with the Streets of Paris | Yatzer
there is a spiral staircase in the living room with blue walls and wood flooring
there is a small red toy car in front of the spiral stair case on the wall
there is a spiral staircase in the middle of a room with stone walls and flooring
Spiral Staircase Ideas & Images: Gallery
there is a woman walking down the stairs in this house with white walls and wood steps
House in Yamanote has a series of indoor sleeping platforms
Katsutoshi Sasaki's House in Yamanote features sleeping platforms raised over an indoor terrace
a white room with stairs leading up to the ceiling
Tamizo Architects | Pabianice
the shelves are made of wood and metal
Escalera metal+madera
a glass staircase in an office building
Gallery of Vetreria Airoldi Office and Showroom / Buratti + Battiston - 2
Glass staircase
an empty room with black and white walls, stairs, and open space for storage
The White House