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an advertisement for lancom perfumes with flowers hanging from the ceiling and chandelier
PRINTEMPS, Paris, France, "La Vie est Belle", (Life is Beautiful), for Lancôme, photo by Vitrinistika, pinned by Ton van der Veer
an assortment of bottles on display in front of a wall with flowers hanging from it
diptyque pop-up store @ boxpark shoreditch
diptyque pop-up store @ boxpark shoreditchpop-up store @boxpark shoreditch londonDESIGN : DIPTYQUE
a purple counter in a store with lots of shoes hanging on the wall behind it
Volution Sports store by MIKS Konzepte, Tinnum – Germany
Volution Sports store by MIKS Konzepte, Tinnum Germany store design
an empty store with clothes on racks and lights hanging from the ceiling, in front of a brick wall
Martagon shop with a fence inside by Reiichi Ikeda - Dezeen
Martagon, Reiichi Ikeda.
the interior of a modern office building with black and white flooring, glass ceiling
Spray Architecture : La Belle Équipe
Spray Architecture : La Belle Équipe | FLODEAU
a large wooden structure with many chairs around it
Starbucks Interior by Kengo Kuma.
a room filled with lots of clothes and shoes
Nike Stadium - New York
the wall is made out of wood and has decorative panels on it, along with two chairs
La nueva colección Tierras de Patricia Urquiola para Mutina - Inspira tus proyectos
La nueva colección Tierras de Patricia Urquiola para Mutina | Terra Cerámica
a store front with many items displayed in the window and behind it is a decorative display case
I would love to have that kind of store front! perfect for flipping awesome visuals!
an open door on the back of a truck
pop-up store
the inside of a store with wooden shelves and ladders in it's windows
Ido do Balear
this way neon sign in the window of a store
Jamie Ellul on Twitter
Wayfinding Store Front Design
a large wooden box sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean with text reading creating a pop - up store for your web store
H pop-up store
a store with bamboo shelves and clothes on display
POP UP! Louis Vuitton pop-up store, Mykonos – Greece
POP UP! Louis Vuitton pop up store, Mykonos. Greece store design