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Mireia Oliver Crespo

Mireia Oliver Crespo
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Cucamelon (Melothria scabra)  Fruit the the size of grapes and taste like cucumbers with a tinge of sourness.

Called a cucamelon, mouse melon, Mexican sour gherkin, Mexican miniature watermelon and Mexican sour cucumber. They can be eaten right off the vine, and are reported to be strangely addictive.

purple dragon fruit--- from china, tastes like kiwi!

Pitaya or Pink dragon fruit, ha! I used to have no clue what this stuff was, until I went to NYC and and a guy in my group was hysterically excited when he found some "dragon fruit" being sold on the streets of NYC.

The vibrant blue Moonmelon grows in Japan.  This fruit can switch flavors after you eat it. Everything sour will taste sweet, everything salty will taste bitter, and it gives water a strong orange-like taste. It's also very expensive...costing about ¥16000 JPY (which is about 200 dollars).

“Moon Melon” courtesy of Japan, also known as asidus. This fruit grows in some parts of Japan, and it’s known for it’s weird blue color.This fruit can switch flavors after you eat it, everything sour will taste sweet , and everything salty will taste bi


Very stupid since I have a knife for that. Caption says, "Banana Slicer Perfect banana slices every time!" Are all your bananas shaped this way?


Queso frito con higos y nueces - holy cow, does this look like a decadent yummy treat! Deep fried babybel cheeses with fruit