Very cool... how many variations could we come up with?

Night Shadow Puppets: Make your own shadow puppet show. Just add a lamp and let the storytelling begin. Some hinged puppets would be cool too.

màscara de drac

Dragon mask for coloring. Also includes 5 different colored printable dragon masks (blue, red, black, green, and pink). Great for Chinese New Year.

Drac amb garrafes

Make a recycled juice bottle dinosaur T-rex Dino's are extinct. What behaviors kid wants to extinct.

Drac amb agulles d'estendre la roba i ulls de plastilina/Alligator clothespins

Alligator clothespin magnets

Alligator clothespins my granddaughter loves the action clothes pin animals and they are easy to make

Drac amb dues culleres verdes/ Wooden Spoon Dragon Craft

Wooden Spoon Dragon Craft idea for an outdoor movie night - A unique outdoor…


FAIRY TALE~Create your own fire-breathing dragon- what a fun craft for kids and all you need is a green cup, googly eyes, and some fire colored streamers