Colorful Paper Garland by Lille Syster

Colorful Paper Flower Garland - Set of 2

Colorful Paper Flower Garland Shower garland Wedding Flower Garland USD) by lillesyster

kit-kat cake!

kit kat and m cake. I think the next time someone is in need of a pick me up I will just simple do the kitkats and M's for a gift. No cake. This could also be pinned onto my I'm having me a party board. A party with this would be a great idea too.

birthday party decorations.

Baby face garland - great for kids birthday parties! Each year they get older add a new face! *Pin links to picture only

heart garland

Valentines Day garland made of colored papers, doilies, aluminum foil.all come to mind (Valentines Day craft for kids)