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Attack on Titan - Eren and Levi

adopted) Eren & Levi from attack on Titan-Eren is obsessed with killing all the Titans, but has a soft spot for his friends. Levi is a neat freak and is captain of the team fighting Titans. He and Levi are friends.

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"I am who I need to be" by iiclipse.tumblr.com/ ||| Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul ||| source: http://iiclipse.tumblr.com/post/135550231082/i-am-who-i-need-to-be-dec-20th-happy-birthday

"I am who I need to be" -Ken Kaneki You know what's so fucking sad about this story. Kaneki is forced to change multiple times in order to protect the things he cares about and each time, he discovers that it's never enough so the cycle repeats again.