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betype: Lettering 2 by Jorge Lawerta this poster is an example of modern speech, an archetype of it, put into a colloquial piece of art

Lobby sign: typography.

Wine Route PostersArt Direction, Concept & DesignPersonal project of concept poster designs advertising a Wine Route. I art directed, conceptualised and did the design & layout of the poster artwork.


Last December we took part in a public consultation to design the new visual identity of the city of Romans-sur-Isère.Romans-sur-Isère is located on the right bank of the Isère river, not far from the city of Valence (Drôme). With its city neighbor Bourg…

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This simple motivational poster uses the negative space inside the "D" and the "O" to incorporate more letters to create a straight forward message. This is a great example of how negative space can be effectively used to bolster a design's message.



Case: Strawberry , Orange , Melon 中国で実施された思わずガムが食べたくなってしまうプリント広告をご紹介。 viva…

Viva Nutrition is a New York based food company that produces food and supplements with real ingredients for children and adults with the focus on the Chinese market.In the last years China has seen one food scandal after the other.

This is a small personal proyect with no advertising purposes what so ever, just for the love for art.

qatar-based designer gonzalo ausejo has created this quirky collection of digital edibles, rendered 'low-poly fruit' in a neon-toned aesthetic.

"La creatividad sin estrategia se llama arte. La creatividad con estrategia se llama publicidad"

"La creatividad sin estrategia se llama arte. La creatividad con estrategia se llama publicidad"

The design idea looks like a melting ice cream or a falling icing on a cupcake. - Letters by BUFF MONSTER NY