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an old fashioned wooden toy stove with brooms and pots on the rack next to it
Estela & Ada’s “Waldessori” Playroom & Enchanted Sunroom
Names: Estela Luz and Ada Maria (2.5 and 9 months) Location: Takoma Park, MD Danielle has two wonderful spaces to share with us today: her daughters' "Waldessori" playroom and their artsy sunroom: Ada, our little one, is on the move. Today I turned my back and found her in the middle of a large pile of tiny slobbery bits of paper and decided it was time to re-think the playroom - shift everything up a level and create some inviting play spaces for both girls.
a baby is sitting on the floor in a room with pink walls and polka dot rugs
Kids rooms - Petit & Small
De vorm van een huis geschilderd op de muur in een hoek van de kamer en aangekleed met (oude) kussens en knuffels.
a baby crib with a teddy bear next to it on the floor in a room
Hanging cradles and Montessori floor bed
Montessori style baby/toddler bed.
a young boy playing with wooden toys in his living room while sitting on the floor
Great montessori room for the after toddler stage.
the shelves are filled with toys and other items in baskets on top of each shelf
Une chambre Montessori pour le petit dernier - Cocon | décoration & slow living
jouets rangement chambre enfant montessori More
children's playroom with chalkboard wall and bean bag chairs
10 Awesome Playroom Ideas -
Creative kid's room
a child is hanging upside down on a bed in a room with colorful rugs
Montessori house bed
a child's bedroom with a bed and toys on the floor in front of it
Toddler Bed House Bed Children Bed Wooden House Tent Bed - Etsy
Twin size children bed house / Crib bed / by SweetHOMEfromwood
an attic bedroom with black and white stars painted on the walls, a swing bed, and colorful pillows
Consulta esta foto de Instagram de @dominomag • 5,489 Me gusta
a small room with a bed, desk and window in it's side by side
Cómo aplicar Montessori a una habitación infantil compartida
Compartiendo habitación con mi hermanito pequeño
a child's bedroom decorated in white and green with sheep, dog house and bed
8 casitas de madera para niños ¡dormir, jugar y disfrutar! | Vinilos y Cuadros para Bebés
8 casitas de madera para niños ¡dormir, jugar y disfrutar!
a baby sitting in a swing with a dog
Clover and Birch | Natural Children's Toys
an assortment of wooden furniture and toys for children to play with in the kitchen or bedroom
Montessori at Ikea (how we montessori)
A week or so before Christmas we visited Ikea. For the first time - ever. While being overwhelmed in so many ways I loved looking at all of their items which would be useful for a Montessori home. Obv
two toddlers standing in front of a mirror
Montessori Inspired Bedroom
Es muy importante que poco a poco aprendan a reconocerse
a wooden cabinet with clothes hanging on it and a basket in front of the door
Montessori ici
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