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Collage by Astrid Torres.

COLLAGE BY ASTRID TORRES I really enjoy the fine tuning aspect of a number of collage pieces by various artists. The skill and decision that goes into choosing elements to combine is challenging.

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Imagen de flowers, rose, and red

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This is my second inspiration for my first poster. This peachy, salmon pink is what i want to use as the color scheme of my first poster. I chose this image because of the blue plant, which will look nice have some sort of relation to the third poster.

Who would think a cactus could produce such beautiful, blooming, colorful flowers? These gorgeous flowering cacti are just a few examples of the many varieties

Blooming Cactus

Blooming Cactus Garden - Perfect for the desert. Plant various varieties close together for a fantastic variety of color.

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Plants on pink


ghcstking: “every lunar new year, my parents buy a bunch of these flowers and put them around the house 🎉🏮 happy lunar new year!

wake up in the morning by naci posca #collage

"Wake up in the Morning" - amazing collage by Naci Posca

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Bundle for Audrey 2 LF FOAK Oversized tee with lace hoodie and lace sleeves, LF FOAK Vintage Hoodie with Embroidered Rose.

plante dépolluante?

Les plantes d'intérieur pour éliminer la pollution de l'air, vrai ou faux

Monstera three Poster in de groep Posters / Afmetingen / bij Desenio AB

Imagen relacionada

Imagen de flowers, rose, and red

Awesome cacti

Arizona Cactus Garden at Stanford. Photo Cindy Pearson of paradise

Happy almost Friday! (thank god) I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately, and plant life always has a way of making me feel more calm and relaxed, while also being just amazing to look at. So in case you’re feeling a little bit insane, take a break…or lots of breaks and stare at these for … Continue reading "TAKE ME THERE"


Plants on Pink - Cacti- mood-board - pink + green.

SLIM AARONS #livinginstyle

SLIM AARONS - Bikini, wide brim hat and flowers around the pool - Happy Summer!

Bloomed Joyride Too

Eugenia Loli, Bloomed Joyride Too