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two glasses filled with dessert sitting on top of a white table next to strawberries
Trifle de fresas y crema de queso Mascarpone
Mi mundo pinkcake: Trifle de fresas y crema de queso Mascarpone
a piece of cake sitting on top of a white plate covered in powdered sugar
Tumbada - Postre de Cerdeña
Receta Regional Italiana - tumbada con galletas de almendras Sardegna, que organiza Maggie del blog El cajón desastre de Maggi...
two desserts with oreo cookies and whipped cream in them on a white tablecloth
Oreo Chocolare Mousse Parfait by WillCookForSmiles
three desserts in small glass dishes on a table
S'mores Pudding - Everyday Annie
S’mores Pudding
small desserts with whipped cream and toppings in glass dishes on a tablecloth
Caramel Apple Trifles | Bakers Royale
Caramel Apple Trifles
a bowl filled with cake and cream on top of a tile floor next to a facebook page
Someone in my family always makes the Oreo Bowl of Goodness and I always stab someone to death trying to eat it all 1 bag Oreos, crushed 8oz cream cheese, softened 1/4 cup butter 1 cup powdered sugar 3 cups milk 2 sm boxes instant vanilla pudding 1/2 tsp vanilla 12 oz Cool Whip, thawed Cream together cream cheese, butter & powered sugar & vanilla. In separate bowl mix milk & pudding chill until set. fold in cool whip after pudding has set. add cream cheese mixture. layer with Oreos...
desserts are arranged in small glasses on a wooden table, ready to be eaten
Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfait
S'mores in a cup
a dessert in a glass with whipped cream and toppings on top, next to a spoon
Caramel-Pear-Cheesecake Trifle
Caramel-Pear-Cheesecake Trifle // More Make-Ahead Desserts: #foodandwine
9h 30m
there is a chocolate cake with frosting on the plate
Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Cake
Chocolate lovers chocolate
4h 0m
two pieces of chocolate cake with strawberries on top
Passionate About Baking
Dark Chocolate & Strawberry Mini Cloud Gateaus
a dessert with chocolate, cream and nuts in a glass dish on a counter top
Chocolate-Hazelnut Mousse Trifle
Chocolate-Hazelnut Mousse Trifle
there is a chocolate dessert with whipped cream and strawberries in the bowl on the table
Perfect Chocolate Mousse
Perfect Chocolate Mousse
there is a cake with chocolate and whipped cream on top, sitting on a glass plate
Chocolate trifle
three small desserts are sitting on a table
Caramel Apple Trifles | Bakers Royale
Caramel Apple Trifle
two desserts in small glass bowls with banana slices and whipped cream on the top
Lighten Up! Southern Classics
Banana Pudding!!