genius. heart matches.

As in "our hearts match" and "the perfect match". Could it be an idea for wedding favor if interpreted that way? (have to make sure no one accidentally light them inappropriately during the wedding though)

Wrapping paper with cut-out hearts!

10 DIY Valentine Wrapping Ideas

Draw hearts on plain gift wrap. With x acto knife cut out on half of the heart. Fold back. Place color of choice tissue paper under the heart cut out paper and wrap gift. Cards,DIY Ideas & Inspiration Re

beautiful envelope

Envelope art - i miss doing this sort of thing! Who wants a pen pal? Brown (I 'll be your pen pal!

Valentine strawberries

Now that's easy. Strawberry Heart-Shaped Fruit Kabobs from Blowout Party. Skewer heart-shaped strawberry halves for a healthy Valentine's Day treat or party.

Love pop-up card. "Love is being stupid together" Amor, love quotes, tarjeta, cute.

Love pop-up card. "Love is being stupid together" Amor, love quotes, tarjeta, cute. olo cambiar la leyenda de Love is being.

imagenes de adornos de mesas ano nuevo | servir las uvas de fin de año decoracion

New Years: In Spain they eat 12 grapes at midnight for good luck. Thread 12 grapes on a skewer for each guest and serve in a tall champagne flute. Fun and unique idea!

La letra A es la parte arbitraria ya que no la identificamos con ningún referente real mientras que las fotos de personas contenidas en esta es la parte icónica/representativa. Se trata de una imagen simbólica ya que contiene esos dos referentes.

Custom Photo Collage letter - Girlfriend gift - College dorm room decor - too expensive but maybe diy

valentine lightbulb

Here’s a “bright” idea for a unique Valentine’s Day Gift! This repurposed light bulb seen on Design Sponge is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift sure to light up your sweetheart’s life. This fun Valentine’s day repurposing project is as electrifying as it