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Michael Eden - como? como lo hizo?

'Vortex, Blue' by English ceramic artist Michael Eden. Made by Additive Layer Manufacturing from a high quality nylon material with unique mineral soft coating, x x in. via Adrian Sassoon

“White lights” (electric) by Australia based ceramic artist Szilvia Gyorgy

Ceramics Magazine (according to original poster).(This is one of several magnificent works of art in ceramic that illustrate spirals or swirls). These illustrate how even a modified spiral is a thing of beauty.

Denise Romecki Ceramic Sculpture

Like artists Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker, Denise Romecki finds inspiration for her sculptures in cresting waves. The big difference is that, while DeSom

Even the most ardent golf fan would admit that sometimes tournament telecasts aren't exactly action-packed. The PGA Tour is trying to do something about

PGA Tour's second-screen iPad app bombards you with stats, video

There is a lot of difference between student and real projects, most of them are related to real life constraints that are usually based on validation through user testing and a data driven approach.

«The idea behind the design was to create a sleek user experience and User interface people can use and understand

The Second Screen Comes To The Movies With App-Enhanced Film, "App." The second screen content will rely on visuals rather than audio. "For example, there could be two people in a room with a bomb ticking, only they don’t know about it," says de Levita. "On the second screen, the audience would know how much time is remaining."

The Second Screen Comes To The Movies With App-Enhanced Film, "App"