Excelente decoración para un consultorio :)

“Body Box” by Caroline Gates>> If I could knit detailed little things, this is what I would make. Then explain each to my kid. Peanut is gonna be one knowledgeable kid

Works installed into a space "Intersections" by Anila Agha, 2013 Light used to project shadow shapes into room from within confined space

"Intersections" by Anila Agha, 2013

"Intersections" by Anila Quayyum Agha is an ornately carved wood cube with an imbedded light source that projects SHADOWS onto gallery walls. The foot cube projects shadows that are 32 - 35 feet.

hyperbolic crochet:

hyperbolic crochet: crochet, architecture, design this looks like it could be used as a vase for crocheted flowers m