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The America we live in today and why it must be taken back to our founding principals. This statue is part of the deterioration of America and it makes my skin crawl.


ANTIFA consists of a bunch of pussies, the KKK and Neo-Nazi groups are full of racist idiots, the far left and the far right should disappear


When muslims attack white christians, it's "terrorism". When white christians attack muslims, it's a "hate crime"

The Pathetic "MSM" Media ...

I do not totally agree with Trump about the media in whole but you have to have questions when.

This is how you look to everybody WITH A BRAIN! You and your beliefs are utterly SHAMEFUL AND RIDICULOUS!! HF~

it's disgusting when muslims murder gay people. im not defending hate in the name of religion that's the whole point. << also I dislike the use of the word 'homosexuals' in this. It seems kinda dehumanising tbh. just use gay person/people.