The Lighthouse  The Moon - Favaritx Lighthouse, Menorca I wanted to go to it so badly when I was there!!

August moonrise at Favaritx lighthouse(Menorca), located on the north coast of the island. Imagine, Plan & shot with PhotoPills

Playa de Son Parc, Menorca, Spain

Beaches in Spain is the best location for traveler. Enjoy your time on the Beaches of Spain.

Spain Yoga Retreat_Ciutadella harbor_Yoga Escapes

Menorca Spain: Top 5 Things To Do

Luxury yoga retreat in Spain on gorgeous Menorca island: beach hotel, delicious food, yoga by the sea, friendly groups, bliss!

Menorca, Islas Baleares #Spain #travel #Menorca. Es Castell

Menorca, Islas Baleares #Spain #travel #Menorca. Es Castell

Menorca: the beat-free Balearic island

Menorca: the beat-free Balearic island

Dazzling beaches and smart hotels are luring Ibiza graduates to Menorca, an island with a more laid-back beat

Read about Menorca's prehistoric past

Discovering Menorca's prehistoric past - the Talayotic culture

Discovering the Talayotic culture of Menorca through the island's fascination prehistoric monuments and settlements, which are being proposed as a UNESCO world

Ciutadella Menorca.

Luxury Villas in Menorca to Rent with private Pools. For the best selection of Holiday accommodation to rent in Menorca.


Menorca The guide to the north and west coast resorts and beaches


Menorca - Familienparadies & Biosphärenreservat