Muy buena gráfica de Colgate. La empresa utiliza sus cepillos dentales como #solucion para crear la forma de unos dientes.

Colgate Toothpaste: "SMILE" Outdoor Advert by Jung Von Matt Germany. It's simply done and it's obvious that it represents a gleaming white smile which is what Colgate is all about.

Condon o bebe? Anuncio durex

25 creative and effective ads

Durex ad for condoms. White background with blue logo. Upstanding condom on 1 side and baby nipple on other side. Protected sex or baby- simple photo image conveying powerful message about choices and consequences.

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The 80 Best Guerilla Marketing Ideas I’ve Ever Seen

Floor graphic that uses humans to re-create fleas on this dog. This giant “floor sticker” was placed in a shopping centre in Indonesia, the ad is for Frontline Flea & Tick Spray and uses the slogan, “Get them off your dog.

I would have a sprite after that shower! Great ambient, right target group, best season and place! Get more inspiration for your business on

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// What a awesome idea! Showers that look and function like giant Sprite dispensers were installed on popular beaches in Brazil and Israel. The eye-catching showers reminded people of the refreshing power of Sprite.

Estupenda #publicidadcreativa de los taxis de Nueva York ¡Feliz jueves!

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Best ad ever. Taxi ad in a bus stop! So clever! Someone's marketing department is ads commercial commercial ads ads ads