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~40m2 concept apartment with stairs that disappear in wall and 'hidden' sleeping loft

Zoku Amsterdam is a new type of hotel promoting the concept of a spacious micro-apartment for global nomads. Designed by Concrete Architectural Associates,

Detail Bed Closet | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

DIY Closet Beds- turns sleeping space into a fort of sorts which kids love! I love that the sleeping space can easily be tucked away

closet under the bed

closet under the bed

Eingebettetes Bild

Small Shop Tips - Cheap, Easy Storage - I found a quick, cheap and easy way to store lots of little stuff like biscuits, screws, wood plugs and the like. Drill a hole in the cap of a plastic soda bottle and insert an eyebolt.

Decoracion Hogar - Google+

My Dad used to do this back when I was little. Baby food jars hanging all under the the steps leading to the basement.

This is the perfect place to put a pull out bed! look at those beds and thing they're impractical because it's too hard to leave all of the open floorspace needed for one but I'd happily do it for this library/reading space.