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there are pictures on the wall above the stairs
Better Homes & Gardens: Fresh Takes on Home, Garden & Food
Use clipboards for a changeable photo gallery http://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/remodeling/before-and-after/vintage-cottage-renovation/#page=15
a white room with some pillows and bags on the floor next to a wooden bench
© Paulina Arcklin | COULEUR LOCALE WEBSHOP | www.couleurlocale.eu
several purses hanging on the wall next to a bench
Opruimen. Ook jij, sloddervos! | vtwonen
De een is een geboren organizer, de ander moet zichzelf er toe zetten om op te ruimen.
a white room with black and yellow rugs on the floor, bookshelf in the background
Inspiración para recibidores | Estilo Escandivano
Meuble pour l'entrée à la place du tabouret rouge ;-)
a dining room table and chairs in front of a brick wall with potted plants
Qué suerte de CHAFLÁN
Vivienda en Eixample de Nook Architects
an empty room with bookshelves and stairs
Hopefield Avenue, London ← Dow Jones Architects
Beautiful, sober interior with restrained colour and material palette. The Hoperfield Avenue house by Dow Jones Architects.
a white room with a coat rack and shoes
20 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design
a white room with an area rug on the floor
an image of a room with furniture on it
Ikea Meets Yardsale Minimalist, Adore Your Place - Interior Design Blog
a white cabinet with two black and white pictures on it's top, next to a pair of boots
elisabeth heier