Hay cosas maravillosas que nacen de los errores cometidos!!

A Cloudy Lesson (HD) VERY CUTE Short Animation Feature by Yezi Xue. Talk about happy accidents. Nice for PSHE.

▶ Canción Infantil LAS PARTES DE MI CUERPO - YouTube

Learn parts of the body with this funny little song. I love how easy it is to learn and how it gets stuck to your mind.

▶ el cerdito y las galletas - YouTube

"Ormie" by Arc Productions - Fabulous little movie for teaching story elements, including plot . Fill in anchor chart with this short for character, setting, theme (all of which have been pretaught). USE SWB .


Disney Pixar ~ For the Birds ~ Pixar short film - for the birds - good for beginning of the year, infer ideas about friendship, tolerance, bullying etc.

colección-cuentos-emociones.jpg 480×360 píxeles

Smart Apps For Special Needs: Emotions Collection - Children's Stories That Deal With Emotions