Galletas de maizena y leche condensada

Kanela and lemon biscuits and condensed milk cornstarch - it had just the right amount of sweetness and reallymelt in your mouth texture

Que ofrecer en tus Mesas de Dulces para Bodas.

Mesas de Dulces para Bodas

Galletas de mantequilla danesas | Cocina

Galletas de mantequilla danesas

Danish Butter Cookies (Made it, like it. Butter must be nearly melting for cookies to pipe. Add salt if using unsalted butter. Don't pipe dough too thick and bake to golden outsides to ensure crisp centers.

Resultado de imagen para torta pikachu crema chantilly

Such a simple design. It doesn't require expert piping skills, but with just a little care, it looks great!

Una versión de la tradicional empanada argentina, estas deliciosas empanadas las puedes preparar para comenzar una parrillada o comida en familia.

Empanadas de Carne

I like the lighting in the bottom half of this picture because it makes the empanadas shine.

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