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La Tierra y la Luna desde Saturno a 1445 millones de kilómetros vistas por la Cassini (JPL/NASA).

Month and the earth which were seen from Mars

Earth from Saturn July 19 2013 Best

The Day the Earth Smiled refers to the date July on which the Cassini spacecraft turned to image Saturn, its entire ring system, and the Earth during an eclipse of the Sun. Earth can be seen as a blue dot underneath the rings of Saturn.

Earth and Moon imaged from Cassini on July 19, 2013

Raw image Earth and moon from Saturn. On Friday, the Cassini spacecraft, Saturn and the sun were aligned so that Cassini could capture Earth’s picture from distant space. Cassini got the moon, too!

Pluto system

Compass and scale image of Pluto: This image, taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, shows five moons orbiting the distant, icy dwarf planet Pluto.

Cassini's “Pale Blue Dot” Picture of Earth

The beautiful ringed planet just–space: “Cassini’s photo of Saturn with a photobomb by the Pale Blue Dot ”

El espíritu de los cínicos: La verdad según

The truth according to: a naive a cleaver a suspicious a paraconspiracy a journalist a hippie a fatalist a smarty an alcoholic a pessimist a mathematician a priest