Buena actividad para realizar en educación infantil, para trabajar la psicomotricidad, y jugar con las expresiones faciales.

Ikke dumt 🤗 Stress Ball Balloons - balloons filled with playdough, with faces drawn on with markers. These are a great for discussing emotions as well as giving those little finger muscles a good work out!

Drawing emotions.

This makes my heart happy! Helping kids learn feelings and take charge of them! Drawing their emotions: their emotions, their creativity, their pictures.


Emotions Poster

I often use feeling faces in my sessions. When I first meet with a client, especially a younger one, I often have them match feeling words to feeling face cards. We then process these feelings by t…

.¿Cómo te sientes?

How easy and fun. I can totally see older kids doing this too! ✿ Spanish Learning/ Teaching Spanish / Spanish Language / Spanish vocabulary / Spoken Spanish ✿ Share it with people who are serious about learning Spanish!

Spanish Printable: great collection of ideas with printable pages

Spanish Printable - Place Words

Could be used for a "family tree" type of thing too. Or a story telling kind of thing. Spanish Printable – Place Words level 1 or personal unit