imagine tiny little wingless fairies flying around, helping people when they're in a bad position or helping them if they were having a panic attack or something like that. imagine wingless fairies that aren't normal but people accept them.

pernilleoe: “Im back in the office working hard and had time for this little thing. Happy Tuesday everyone.

My Owl by on @DeviantArt

I haven& stoppend drawing! Don& worry guys~ I just need that skanner so I can start posting again. So here is Jona my lil& octopus from a freak circus, he has a problem with keeping up with every.

Jalón de Aquiles: Fuego Cruzado

Jalón de Aquiles: Fuego Cruzado Epitome of Love, old story about Candle and Fire. They lived and died as one, turned into no-thing. Forever soothing to the heart is their light and warmth.