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"No deseo que las mujeres tengan poder sobre los hombres si no sobre si mismas" #cita #Porlasmujeres y #Porlasniñas

Mary Wollstonecraft Reading, Otto Scholderer 1883 Mother of Mary Shelley

There's so much to celebrate and be thankful for today!! <3 #equality

Image detail for -Rainbow Wedding Bands Art Print by finedaypress on Etsy

cuáles con las 7 cualidades del emprendedor?  * Superación * Intuición * Empatía * Constancia * Iniciativa * Curiosidad * Resiliencia

The 7 qualities of an entrepeneur: * Superation * Intuition * Emphaty * Constance * Iniciative * Curiosity* Resilience

Best Friend Memories: best friends memories are made at the

Photograph by Jennifer Kitchen Leading Lines, Reflection, Tone Leading lines are made by the Eiffel Tower in the background and the couture of the wine glass. There are three Eiffel Towers, two are reflections. The grey hues of the image give it tone.