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Ketogenic diets may accelerate aging of the heart and kidneys
Ketogenic diets may accelerate aging of the heart and kidneys
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How 'switching on' brown fat may protect against obesity
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Healthy lifestyle may offset effects of life-shortening genes by more than 60%
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New breast cancer screening guidelines recommend mammograms every other year starting at age 40
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In Conversation: Is intermittent fasting actually bad for your heart?
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Less calcium at dinner, more at breakfast may help lower cardiovascular risk
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Misplaced your keys? How to distinguish dementia from normal age-related memory loss
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Regularly eating avocado linked to lower diabetes risk in women
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AI tool may help detect cancer in a few minutes with a drop of blood
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Artificial sweetener neotame may have potential to damage gut, lead to IBS
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Wearable tech uses AI to detect cardiac arrhythmia 30 minutes before onset
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Food additives in cakes, biscuits may increase type 2 diabetes risk
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Vaping, even once, may raise the risk of heart failure, study finds
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Climbing stairs may improve heart health, promote longevity
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Toxic chemicals from microplastics can be absorbed by the skin, study finds