Solar System Story Stones and Painted Rocks / by Thrive360Living

Story stones can provide a narrative structure to help kids recall science or other learning

Los títeres son una excelente herramienta para el trabajo con niños. A través de los títeres, el niño puede expresar conflictos y situaciones de la vida cotidiana, tomando la distancia pertinente para que la angustia no inhiba su simbolización. Además es una actividad lúdica que permite el despliegue de la creatividad y el desarrollo de la imaginación.

Summer Craft Boredom Busters: Puppet crafts keep the fun going on and on and . Easy Summer Crafts for Children. my kids will love this cuz its like playing Ooby lol If you absolutely love arts and crafts you'll will enjoy our site!

Coronas de Navidad fáciles

Adornos de Navidad, 5 coronas navideñas fáciles

Make this adorable (and inexpensive) Christmas Hand Print Wreath with your kids! It's sure to be your most valuable Christmas decoration! …You could even have whole family have a different color handprint.

Manualidades para niños: Marionetas con cucharas de madera

Children's Party Entertainers

We have made wooden monster spoons a few times, all kids love making them and they are so cute!

Realizando esta actividad los alumnos formaran diferentes árboles cortando los palos y a continuación se les explicará los tipos de triángulos que hay

5 adornos de Navidad con palitos de helado

Encolat amb materials naturals

Can make as a collage, or might pre-paint a rainbow and have children sort colored objects onto rainbow as activity instead of as art project.

Manualidades para niños con lápices, tarros y mapas viejos | Blog de ecología: reducir, reciclar, reutilizar y radio

Altered Colored Pencil or Crayon Letter Art.great way to use up all those pencil stubs.or shortie crayons.

DIY Party: Confetti Egg Game. Post is by Rebecca Wright.Have fun!

DIY Party: Confetti Egg Game - whoever gets the golden confetti smashed on their head wins! I like the idea of using birdseed for the rest of the eggs instead of fruity pebbles

Pick and mix story stone starter packs by stOrystOneslou on Etsy, £22.00

Why not jumble your story stone starter packs up by having a mixture of your favourite story stones altogether. Pick 20 stones (but remember