Frases de reflexión, ánimo, buenos momentos....
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two basketball players in red and white uniforms
a man standing on top of a bridge next to a woman in front of the ocean
a man and woman walking under an archway in front of the ocean with words written on it
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a table next to a book and flowers
a stack of books and a coffee cup on top of each other with an old typewriter in the background
La felicidad no es un destino,es la actitud con la que se viaja por la vida. #frases #mCRf #CRf
a sailboat in the ocean at sunset with words above it that read, nunca penses que alguien es meror que tus
a woman in black leather jacket leaning against a wall with her hand on her head
an open door leading to the ocean with a sunset in the background and a quote written on it
a woman sitting on top of a window sill looking out at the city below
a woman sitting on the ground holding a cup
black and white photograph of rain drops on window with words written in spanish above it
a woman sitting on top of a clock in the sky
a man holding a tablet computer next to a cup of coffee