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Tai Ji Quan Eight Basic Stances Positions – Phoenix Dragon Kung Fu Academy

Shao Lin Quan Eight Basic Stances – Phoenix Dragon Kung Fu Academy

Practice and teach Side Crow like a pro! Learn how to prepare yourself and your students to practice this iconic posture. If you really want to geek-out, there's also a full anatomy breakdown and a step-by-step tutorial!

Get information about Jason Crandell and his method of vinyasa yoga that combines power, precision, and mindfulness. Find a schedule, free yoga sequences, and information on yoga teacher training.

Handstand is the darling of the social media world for good reason. The posture conveys strength, focus and all-around physical aptitude. Of course, Handstand is not just a photo opp or a boastful trend--it's a time-honored inversion that's taught in multiple lineages. Whether you're proficient in the pose and want some tips to help teach your students, or you're just starting your inversion journey, check out my blog: How to Practice and Teach Handstand.

Learn how to warm-up and get into Handstand -- plus alternatives and tips if youre not yet able to do the pose!