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LOTR travel posters- too funny!

For all Tolkien fans: "Visit the Elves in Historic Rivendell" mock vintage travel poster by Steve Thomas Art--this is fantastic! There's a whole set, including one of the Shire. Gotta at least have the Rivendell one!

Death Side Series : Darth Vader & Shadow Stormtrooper by Charles AP, via Behance

It's fascinating to see the step by step process behind illustrations and design in general. The project titled Death Side Series: Darth Vader & Shadow Stormtrooper by Charles AP is an incredible example.

Star Wars humor.

stormtrooper: "dont look son its that trouble maker rebel!" son stormtrooper: " but he looks alright dad" :father stormtrooper: " you see son. he kinda blew up my best friend bob, your mother and my workstation. i was so close to a raise.

Legacy Class Star Destroyer. This probably isn't canon, but I like the way it visually bridges the gap between the Venator and Imperator classes.

Legacy Star Destroyer Class: Capital Starship Corporation: Rothana Heavy Engineering Hyperdrive: Sublight: 68 MGLT Weapon(s): turbolaser battery turbolaser battery

Super Star Destroyer ortho 2 - Executor by unusualsuspex on DeviantArt

One final ship from Star Wars (for now), Darth Vader's flagship the Executor. The size of this thing doesn't lend itself well to an ortho, there's just so much detail that's lost Super Star Destroy.