Del Olvido Al No Me Acuerdo

Del Olvido Al No Me Acuerdo. Not sure what that says, but I HEART this chair, and Lurve the person's board from whom I borrowed this pic.

STOP GLOBAL WARMING            tee design still up for scoring @ threadless for WWF tee design challenge. need your score & comments to get this printed. thanks for the support. :)  score ‘5’ here:

LINK INTO LIGHTBULB- shape of it can be polar bear as well as lightbulb. cycle of using lightbulbs- global waming- melting icecaps- killing polar bears.

Doodles - Lingvistov

Lingvistov is place to learn languages online. They teach English, Japanese and Russian languages via Skype. To make learning languages si.

Poética callejera. @Accion poetica tucuman

Poética callejera. @Accion poetica tucuman

Only people who know about the French Revolution will know why this is funny. Whoever was trying to be a wise hipster failed desperately when making this.

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