Inspirate en esta paleta de colores con un toque citrico

Bright, but not aggressively distracting gamma connects Prussian blue and sky blue with olive and pear, and between them - a boundary pale turquoise.

Azules grisáceos con tostados y beis. Bonita combinación.

"Duck egg matches, beautiful design for tiny things." I quite like this pallet for a living room 🙊

Tulipanes violetas

This palette embodies tenderness of spring, youth and femininity. Pistachio, misty green and blue-gray look very discreet, and lavender and Japanese pink. he complementary color of spring green is rose.

color palette

This blue/violet colour palette comes to life with the yellow/yellow orange colourings on the penguin. It is a good example of how a very muted, plain colour scheme can be brought to life with the addition of the right colour.

Сочетания цветов


Paleta de colores

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Palette combines color leaving winter, cold green and turquoise colors. Despite the bright colors palette seems to be very strict and clear. Cool mint color sets the mood of the palette. The use of such a scheme creates both cold and brittle manner.

Es una paleta suave y enternecedora de tonos veraniegos. El frambuesa jugoso equilibra y armoniza esta gama de color pastel. Dicha combinación puede ser usada para decorar un cuarto de baño. Así mismo es una buena opción para salones de boda.

Tender, touching the palette of summer colors. Pastel shades of green and pink harmoniously balanced juicy raspberry.