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Pipa 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt   7PIPE TWISTY GLASS BLUNT La pipa o chilum de cristal es un cilindro de vidrio grueso y duradero que viene con un tornillo largo que se ajusta dentro del tubo. Todo el dispositivo se ha diseñado para reemplazar cualquier tipo de papel de fumar que solías utilizar para poder fumar.

Twisty Glass Blunt different. So I actually just bought one of these and they're fucking awesome. It hits so smooth and doesn't burn through the weed so quickly. I definitely recommend it.


The colour combination of this dragonfly is something different alltogether. The sun shining on the wings and body just emphasises it . I think it is a male Trithemis Aurora Taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens: Dragon Flies, Bugs, Color, Dragonfly, Red