"Nunca olvides que tu y solo tu, eres el final de tu propio #Camino". #Frases hermosas #amor #quotes #frases y reflexiones #liderazgo #pensamientos positivos

The BrandBucket business name Spoken.ly - A play on "spoken," this vocal name inspires better communication.

Pensamientos positivos

LAS REGLAS DE OLAFO You have the power to be happy or unhappy. You have today, decide to be happy in it.

Jajajaja si es cierto !!!!

Just as there are things tha happen for a reason, tgere are things. “Outstanding" No go!

Para alla voy...

No hablo mal

Rendirse???  Si la vida no es una pelea de box!

Acción Poética - I tried to translate it - is it something like "I don't have the strength to give up?


One of the largest and most valuable lessons that could get the man was having learned to read.


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