How to propagate succulents.

Succulent cuttings like this are super easy to grow. ~ Mary Walds Place - How to propagate succulents.

Whenever in life we feel the need for change, there is one or several reasons triggering it. When I felt like it’s time to make a little boho makeover at home,

Balcony greenhouse

Så inreder du balkongen för maximal njutning

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Haworthia cooperi var. truncata #succulentssimplified #succulents

Haworthia ‘Murasaki’This splendid Haworthia, called “Murasaki”, is a Japanese hybrid/cultivar of Haworthia cooperi v.

Tillandsia xerographica - Cool plant, looks like a head of curly hair!

Tillandsia xerographica specimen The grower has been given space to produce some individuals as specimens which she may enter into judging contests. Apparently, when other contestants see her arrive, they give up all hope of blue ribbons!


An encouraging pot for her trembling houseplants ;) A CUP OF JO: Gift Guide Part Your Best Friend Who Is Always Up for Adventures and Looks Gorgeous in Red Lipstick.

Japanese moss ball @BridgetSoup ...and this one

Japanese moss ball in a bunny planter. Whatever a moss ball is, I think I need one for some of my pots.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees In Kauai, Hawaii

16 Of The Most Stunning Trees In The World

I had a hard time believing this was real, but this is the Rainbow Eucalyptus (Hawaii, U.) which grows in the South-Pacific area. The amazing color variations are naturally formed when the tree sheds bits of its bark as it grows.

How to Make Kokedama: Hanging Gardens Perfect for Small Spaces | Apartment Therapy

How to Make Kokedama: Small Space Hanging Gardens