Bright and beautiful butterfly crafts for kids! Let your kids create their own colorful butterflies using simple craft supplies. This is a great craft idea during summer break!

Bright and Beautiful Butterfly Craft. Wrap popsicle stick with one or two colors of pipe cleaners. Glue to wings cut from foam or construction. Fold pipe cleaner in half and wrap ends around a pom pom.

Pintura dedos

DIY paint 3 soup spoons of sugar spoon of salt cup of cornstarch 2 cups of water Mix everything in a pot and boil it until thick.


Image via CD Craft: Crafty uses for old Compact Discs Image via Roofing for sheds or dog houses made from upcycled CDs and DVDs. Does anyone else think these look like dragon scales?

Le matériel de récup en art visuel

Using the ends of the plastic bottle - Double fleur en bouteilles plastiques…

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